Bespoke solutions
to keep your business safe,

because your challenges
are as unique as your business

Penetration Tests

You want to test your defences?

You want to understand how real hackers could infiltrate your perimeter and steal your data, halt your production or blackmail your customers. You will authorize our team of ethical hackers to carry out real (but safe) cyberattacks. You will receive a full evaluation of the security of your ecosystem comprised of technology, processes and people

Vulnerability Assessment

You want to know how vulnerable your systems are?

You need to define, identify, classify and prioritize vulnerabilities across your ICT systems, applications and network infrastructures. With this knowledge, you will always be ready to protect and keep your company safe from the ever-present cyber threats

EDRs Solutions

You want to protect the entry points of your infrastructure?

A smart Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is the obvious solution, but which one is right for you? The BCyber EDR Solution package will help you select, install and maintain the most cost effective option for your company over time

Security Officer aas

You need a talented Security Officer?

These positions are hard to fill and good candidates are scarce. BCyber will provide you with an experienced Security Officer, as a service which can be adjusted to your specific needs. The BCyber Security Officer will report to your organization and make it more secure over time. From as little as 1 day per week

Phishing Simulator

Do you know that up to 90% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email?

BCyber Phishing Simulator creates automatic phishing campaigns and landing sites that look legitimate and will accelerate your organization’s learning against such threats. Automated reports are included.

Awareness Workshop

Want to gain valuable real-life experience on common hacking techniques?

You know that humans are the weakest link in the security chain and everyone in the company should be aware of the risks. The BCyber Awareness Workshop, part of the BCyber Awareness services, is not simply an awareness training but rather a memorable, fun experience that will change people’s behaviour.


Do you want a completely private and secure datacenter without spending a fortune?

You want regain possession of your own precious data. BCyber datacenter is designed, realized, and managed accordingly to your needs, and it can scale accordingly

GDPR advisory

Want to assess your GDPR / LPD compliance and appropriate responses in the unfortunate event of a data breach?

You know that a data theft could cause you trouble from a GDPR/LPD standpoint, with fines up to 4% of Company turnover at group level. The BCyber GDPR/LPD Advisory team will help you assess your GDPR/LPD compliance, as well as the appropriate responses in the unfortunate event of a data breach


Who, when and how were your systems compromised?

Your systems have been compromised and you want to know who did it, when, and how. You need rock-solid evidence to pursue legal actions and to understand where the threat came from. BCyber will collect the evidence and empower you to make the appropriate decisions

How we work

You are in control

We act a full Transparency and Data Driven Approach to serve you better

Clear Recommendations

We are committed to providing clear and uncomplicated reports. Cyber Security and Technological implications will be explained clearly for all employees

Data Driven Approach

Data can provide insightful information for leaders, and help them to navigate and drive businesses in the current cyber landscape

Simple & Easy

We do not overcomplicate. We aim to create a straight-forward and secure relationship with our customers

Fully Customizable

We deliver personalised solutions because we know that every customer has specific needs and goals to meet

How we work

Agile, easy & informal is who we are and how we work. In the digital world, less is more!


Creativity combined with a data-driven approach is what makes our work unique and impactful for you

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